Toned N Twenties Fitness Group

Holla at all my 20-somethins! Indubitable Fitness’ “Toned N Twenties” group is going to be an extra exciting fitness challenge group created specifically for just us college, fresh out of college, and/or learning how to be a functional member of the real world people!

I firmly believe in teaching a maintainable healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition, daily exercise habits, and simply learning to love yourself and lead a positive life. So let’s cut the crap of crash diets, starving yourself, pills, and being miserable with cravings and make a change through FITNESS, NUTRITION, & SUPPORT!

My program includes:

  • 30 minute effective workouts specialized for your needs/desires
  • a simple nutrition plan eating REAL foods
  • ME as your COACH
  • 24/7 online accountability, motivation & support system
  • the opportunity to learn clean eating, meal planning, & more!
  • allows for the occasional wine and chocolate (cuz I know I’d go crazy without it!)

This group begins on August 10th, but that is just “preseason” where we will begin to take measurements, make meal pans, etc. so let me know SOON if you are interested and I can still squeeze you in!!

My challenge groups take place in a private Facebook group.  Each day there is a pinned post and assignment.  I ask that my challengers all check in daily.  The more engaged they are with the group, the more success they have. If you are interested in joining us please send me a message at, comment below, or fill out this quick application form here.


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