Let Your Purpose Guide You On

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight, but no vision” -Helen Keller. No one has ever achieved greatness without having a clear purpose and vision. Decide who you are going to be and what you are going to do, then write it down– that is your vision. When you know your purpose and have a clear vision for it, you will have reason to wake up and grind every single day. When you know your why and you stay passionate about it, no one and nothing can stop you.

These days I see so many people my age (and of all ages, really) wandering through life with no vision of where they are going or what they want to do. They are stuck in a job or a major that they hate and they are living a life of full of being ordinary. If you have no idea what your purpose is, chances are you will end up in the middle of nowhere. So direct your life on purpose. Guide your dreams to reach your destination.

I love to watch people talking about their dreams and passions. Something in their eyes lights up and you can see in them exactly what they were put on this Earth for. Your vision should be something that you love to do. This thing that you love is what your heart beats for. Because in life we face hard times and hard situations where we want to just give up.. But your heart is stronger than your mind! So in these hard times you must listen to your heart. Your heart is where your why lives and where your passion lies. Your heart will show you the way to success.

Those around us think they know what’s best for us and tell us what we “should” do. Maybe you have always wanted to be a realtor, but your parents say you should be an accountant because you will make more money. But what they don’t realize is that being an accountant is not what your heart beats for. How can you be successful and live life to your fullest potential if you are not doing what you are passionate about? Try something new and take risks. If you want to start a business or if you have an idea that others say is “crazy”, go for it. Prove the doubters wrong. Even if you fail, failure is simply one step closer to success and I can guarantee it will teach you so much. If you don’t take the risk you may live a life full of regretting “what might have been”.

Don’t chase the money, chase your vision and the money will come. Focus not on adding money into your bank account, but on adding value to the lives of others. By adding value, you will reap the greatest rewards. Don’t pretend to be something that you are not.. Be yourself and show the world what is special inside of you. If you pursue your passion, you will thrive. To walk away from what burns inside of you and drives you on each day is to deny yourself and others of something extraordinarily special.

My mission is to inspire others and to aid people in their journey to wellness. I want to change others’ lives for the better just as my life was transformed. I have huge dreams and goals and no one can stand in my way, because my passion and desire will always carry me through the failures, the voices of doubt, and set-backs.

Life is short and fleeting and we must never forget it. Take risks, listen to your heart, and trust your vision. Stay passionate, stay compassionate, and live your own life. That’s the beauty of life, we’re all different. We’re unique individuals, so our dreams should be individual to us! Push yourself to live the life that you want to live. You think big, you dream big, and you’ll be big.


Does Body Size Really Matter?

When did we get so dang judgmental? You have no idea what a person is dealing with or going through when you go to over-analyzing them based on their body size. You may see an overweight individual and assume they’re lazy or have no self-control when in fact they have just begun a weight loss journey and are slamming the irons a few days a week, eating a healthy diet, and doing all that they can to lose weight and regain control of their health. I have seen obese individuals in my gym working out ten times harder than “fit” individuals do. It’s not an easy road, and to the obese individuals who decide to change their lives, you deserve nothing but mad respect.

I’ve always been a people pleaser, but I have realized that you can’t be everybody’s cup of tea. You just can’t. From the way that you dress and act to the way that you look, someone out there will find something about you to pick on. On a daily basis, people are judged as too fat or too skinny, regardless of wether they were born that way or are currently battling to change it on their fitness journey. If you are skinny and you gain weight, people assume something must have gone wrong in your life, you got lazy, or you let yourself go. If a guy is little and bulks up, people automatically tend to assume he’s on steroids when in reality he’s begun lifting weights every day. If a girl is unfit (or even fit) and loses weight people assume she has an eating disorder or takes diet pills, when in reality she has begun eating a healthy diet and working out more.

I have personally experienced the judgements of others on my body since I was 14. It began with boys poking fun at me saying my “legs looked weird” and hit a peak when some friends told me that everyone at school was in fact calling me “fat” behind my back. Looking back, this saddens me greatly because the thing is I was never fat or overweight, and I think that many young girls’ bodies today are teased or harshly judged and it wrecks theibody sizer self esteem. Was I out of shape, ate like crap, soft looking? Absolutely. But overweight? Nowhere near. I couldn’t handle the judgements, it sent me into a place of feeling like I wasn’t good enough or pretty enough. I grudgingly began working out and after awhile of committing and bailing to my personal training sessions, I finally decided to change my life for the better and
I went all in. I made this decision for myself so that I could feel better, not for improving the way that others viewed me, and I think that is so important in a person’s fitness journey. If you want to change your body, do it for you, not for other people. I lost about 12 lbs and turned to nearly solid-muscle. This is when I experienced the other side of the spectrum.. I heard not only behind my back that people thought I had an eating disorder, but people also openly asked me to my face. They said they were “concerned” about me and that I should eat more. What they didn’t see was the work put in at the gym, the huge changes I made in my eating, and the decision I made to say no to things that may hinder my progress during my journey. People make assumptions and are unaware of what truly goes on behind the scenes to create a person’s body. What all of this made me realize is that people are always going to talk.. so let them talk. Let the haters hate and keep on doing you, knowing that you are doing the best you can.

Body size really does NOT matter. We are each built differently and that is what makes us unique. There is no one person out there who looks and acts identical to you, and you should own that and be so proud of it. Whether you’re the curviest lady on the block or curve-less & built like a 12 year old boy (like me), you are the ONLY you on earth and you need to OWN it. Be confident in who you are and what you are doing. If you are confident, no one’s views of you or harsh things they may say can break you.

How boring would the world be if we all looked the exact same? And how un-human would it be to be able to remain at a constant weight doing the same workouts and eating the exact same foods every single day? It’s not realistic; we are all built differently and we fluctuate throughout life. Life happens, sh** happens, things change, people talk smack and we just have to roll with the punches. The only thing that you can do about it is take care of yourself, lead a healthy lifestyle, and above all else love yourself.

If you are unhappy with your body, begin a healthy eating regimen and work out routine. If you are happy with your body, never let anyone dim your sparkle because you are freakin’ fantastic. Big, small, short, or tall; body size doesn’t matter. What matters is that you are comfortable and confident in who you are. No one else can define you; only you define you.  So be kind to yourself even if others are not and show off that body you’ve got every day.


Keeping Your Mind Right During Finals Week

Why has our world turned us into such selfish beings? “I’m tired, I’m busy, I’m stressed..” Wake up call.. The world does not revolve around YOU. We must each endure a few years containing 2 weeks of hell so that we have the rest of our lives to use our degrees to open the door that allows us to help those on the other side of it.

I watched a video today called “Finals Week” by Stefan Vandenkooy. This video powerfully reminded me of the importance of keeping a healthy perspective during the hell that is finals.. “Your degree is not for you, your degree is for helping those in need.. You are in training to love people better, listen to people better, and heal people better.” It helps remind us that there is a reason behind the pain, misery, lack of sleep, overload of caffeine, and mass cramming of finals week.. We are getting our degrees so that we can each go out into the world and help others in our specified fields.

Maintain the hope and the promise that there is a purpose behind this madness. Life ain’t easy and I can assure you that when you get out into your field you will face tasks far greater than a week full of exams. Face it, own it, deal with it, and remember WHY you are doing what you are doing what you are doing. When you you know your WHY and you have a very strong PURPOSE this will motivate you to push harder than you ever thought possible to achieve your dreams.

Disclaimer: School is not my strong suit. In fact I squeeze through by the hair of my neck every semester, but you know what.. I make it. Every time. Because I have huge plans for improving the health of the world, and passing these classes (and thus obtaining this degree) is what will blast open the door to opportunities for me to do this. Through my past 3 years of trying to figure out “how to finals week” I have pretty much experienced it all: from realizing after pulling an all-nighter that I couldn’t even remember the capital of Texas come test time let alone the anatomical info I needed to know, to feeling like a crack-head due to the overload of red-bull and adderall’s combined effects on my struggling mind & body, to the absolute “my world is ending & no one can convince me otherwise” emotional breakdown following 3 cumulative finals in 1 day. I have been through it and I have learned from it. I’m no exemplary scholar, but I have learned and grown through my years of finals. Here are some tips from what I’ve learned on how to endure finals week effectively and maintain some sense of sanity while doing it.

  1. Catch some Zzz’s. Finals week is about the only time of year that the library is open (and usually pretty packed) 24/7. However that does not mean that you should stay there. Just as an overworked, worn out body cannot work properly without rest, a fatigued brain cannot perform properly without sleep. When you haven’t slept your brain cannot recall or retain information properly, so those additional 6 hours of studying that you crammed in may wind up being worth nothing and even backfiring.
  2. You gotta work it. Trust me when I say that I know the difficulties of working out during finals, but it is crucial. Exercise boosts blood flow to the brain to keep it fully functioning, whereas sitting in one place for an extended period of time will only lead to a tired mind. Not everyone has time for a full workout (flashback to the year I had 5 cumulative finals..), but everyone does have time to move in some way. Go for a 10 minute walk or run outside. Change your scenery. Do a quick 10 minute routine of jumping jacks, high knees, push ups, and switch lunges. Whatever it is, just remove your mind from the stress and get your blood flowing for a minute. It will help in the long run I promise.
  3. Eat well. The finals diet typically consists of coffee, red bull, fast food, and processed crap. But a little planning will go a long ways in fueling your body and your brain properly. If possible, make a store run at the beginning of the week to grab some healthy easy snacks (fruit, baby carrots, almonds, Greek yogurt, string cheese, etc.) and if you’re a superstar meal prep a mass amount of veggies and lean protein (grass-fed beef burgers, turkey burgers, grilled chicken). Even if you need to grab a microwaveable organic egg scramble tray for breakfast, do that! Eat some protein before each test so that you don’t have a sugar-crash or a meltdown halfway through.
  4. Set time blocks for each subject & switch between them. Research has shown that the human mind is not effective at focusing on one task for an extended period of time. So aim to study one subject for 1-2 hours, take a breather, then study a different subject. This will help increase your rate of retention and the repetition of frequently revisiting material will aid in forming the content as solidified memory in your brain. Utilize more blocks of time for tests that are coming up sooner in time than later, but don’t study one subject in consecutive time blocks.
  5. Get rid of distractions. As impossible as it may seem, I know that you have the power to log off social media, silence your cell phone, and refrain from Netflix for 1 week. Time can be your best friend or your worst enemy this week so utilize it wisely. Spend your time only on positive things (especially studying) that will aid in your success.
  6. Get in the zone.When our stress is too great, it is all that we can think about, taking away from the task at hand. Think along the lines of those can’t breathe, froze at an unfamiliar questions, had an absolute mental meltdown moments. On the other end and far less common (but existent none-the-less) is having too little stress. Think: “It doesn’t matter”, “I don’t care how I do”, “I don’t like this class anyways” moments. With too much stress, test anxiety makes it to where you can’t even think through a question. With too little stress, you have no drive.. you blow off the test because you don’t give a crap. You have to find your ideal place– a place many call the zone– where you have just enough stress to feel pumped and ready to take on this test, but not too much to where it overwhelms and distracts you.

Hopefullyfinals week these tips can help you some with surviving finals week and don’t forget to remember WHY you are enduring this.. Look ahead and remember that these exams will get you the degree which will allow you to impact and change the lives of so many others in this world. Motivate yourself by focusing on the fact that you are ultimately doing this for them, not you. You are going great places and you are going to do amazing things. Power through this week and go kick finals a**!


8 Health Tips for Tackling Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving.. A time to be grateful and to celebrate all that we have. It seems to just be a part of our culture that family time/ celebrations and food go hand-in-hand. It’s no wonder that the freezing winter, full of  holiday events, tends to lead to packing on pounds concealed by our layers of clothing. But what if this year, you realized that you can have your pie and eat it too? You can enjoy all of the Thanksgiving fun without bludgeoning your health (and your waistline). It IS possible and you CAN do it. Stay on track through the holidays so that you aren’t left bloated with regret and one too many slices of cobbler come January. Here are my personal tips on how to tackle Thanksgiving like a boss.

  1. Get Active. Start your day with exercise to allow for the calories from your family’s feast. Go for a long run, lift weights, do a workout video.. By starting off the day with exercise you will improve your mood, blast calories, and rev up your metabolism so you’ll be burning more calories for the rest of the day. You can even make it fun by getting the whole family involved! Sign your family up for a “Turkey Trot” run near you, take your sibling to the gym with you, or pack a football for your Thanksgiving festivities to get everyone up, active, and having fun!
  2. Eat a nutritious breakfast. Many people choose to opt out of breakfast on Thanksgiving thinking that they will save up for later calorie consumption.. But this is the wrong approach! By skipping breakfast, your metabolism will stay hum-drum and you’ll be ravenous by the time you reach your holiday meal. Eat a light breakfast full of fiber and protein (like eggs & a side of berries) to fill you up and give you more control over your appetite. This self-control will allow you to choose what you eat more carefully and avoid eating everything in sight.
  3. Push back the food pressers. See my blog post here to see all the great excuses you can use to politely tell people no while they are pushing their “famous recipe”‘s on you. Sorry Aunt Glenda, I got goals to reach.
  4. Don’t get crazy. Thanksgiving table meal options are usually massive portions of some fabulous food and it can prompt you to get a little wild and over-serve yourself. Step back, analyze the table.. Decide which foods you want and which you can skip. If you want something super unhealthy that you only have at Thanksgiving, go for it! Then decide to skip a different unhealthy option that you could really do without. Keep portions to a reasonable size to avoid the painful feeling of being overfull later and to save rooms for holiday desserts. SKIP THE SECONDS. You don’t go back for seconds with most meals, why is it that you have to on Thanksgiving? Skip seconds and instead pack some leftovers to have the next day so you can enjoy it all over again in a reasonable way. Choose the more reasonable options where you can.. White turkey breast, roasted veggies, salad, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie are more health-conscious, traditional foods to aim for.
  5. Take your time and enjoy the moment. This isn’t a timed food competition.. Don’t treat it as such. Eat slowly, set your fork down between bites and don’t forget to sip on your water. By eating slowly, your body will have time to realize when it is getting full which will prevent you from overeating. Spend more time talking with your family and enjoying the moment than on scarfing down your food.
  6. Drink wisely. I know that holidays can make everyone drink for (mainly) 1 of 2 reasons: to have fun or to maintain any form of sanity through the chaos of some of our families. But don’t go overkill. Stick to 1-2 glasses of wine, a wine spritzer, or a light-colored liquor such as vodka or gin and drink a glass of water between every alcoholic drink.
  7. Lighten up! Prepare healthier versions of your favorite holiday favorites. Subtle changes can go a long way in slashing calories, sugars, and fats in many recipes. I have found that more often than not, people want to make health-conscious choices and you may find that your healthy dish inspires other family members to tweak their recipes to be healthier as well! You can find recipes for some healthier versions of your holiday favorites here!
  8. Know your individual needs and goals. If you are someone who has been exercising regularly, eating healthy, and been in good physical shape for awhile, splurging for 1 day isn’t going to hurt you. However, if you have been inactive, eating poorly on a regular basis, and/ or are at a pivotal point in your fitness journey.. It is very important that you keep your goals in mind and go into the holidays with a plan that will enable you to reach those goals by not hindering your progress.

Have a Healthy, Happy Turkey Day!!!

6 Healthy Morning Habits to Create an Awesome Day

Your alarm goes off and it’s time to start another day. Are you going to jump out of bed ready to attack the world or hit the snooze button, roll over and throw the covers over your head? The little actions that you take in the morning can truly dictate the course of your day and therefore it is essential that you begin each day with the right habits to start you off on a positive note. It’s a beautiful life and every day brings new amazing opportunities, but we have to go into it with the right attitude.

Attitude has a way of dictating our actions.. You know those negative Nancy’s who are determined that EVERYTHING is going to go wrong and then it does? But then think about those individuals who wake up determined to go kick ass and then they do. Attitude–>actions–>results.

This is not to say that we don’t all have days when things seem to be going wrong, terrible things happen that are out of our control, or we are just in a total funk.. that happens sometimes as well and we have to learn to roll with the punches and push on. However, these healthy morning habits can help you to start each day with your best foot forward embracing the world for all of its awesomeness and giving you a head-start on having an incredible day.

  1. Wake up early. Beat the rest of the world to the punch. Rise and shine while others sleep. It will give you more time to accomplish what you need to accomplish and start you off on a productive note before life’s distractions jump in the way. 
  2. Make your bed. This starts your day off with order and makes your life feel more organized overall. Plus it feels great to come home to a clean room and a pretty bed!
  3.  Move it. Exercise is a GREAT way to start off your day. But if this isn’t the ideal time for you that’s ok too! Just get some type of movement in. Stretch, do 20 jumping jacks, walk up and down the stairs 10 times. Whatever it is, just move your body. Exercise can increase your focus and alertness, wake you up, increase creativity levels, and improve your mood! 
  4. Plan your day. Remove all distractions, sit in silence and plan out and prioritize what it is that you need to do today and how you will fit it all in. If you don’t have a planner yet, I say get one right now. By having a planner, all of your major activities can be listed out already for the week and each morning you can see where you will be able to fit in other things that you want to do!
  5. Be grateful. Write down just 3 things that you are grateful for. We have SO much to be grateful for and recognizing these things will really help you to start your day on a positive note. From life’s smallest blessings to its biggest ones, be thankful for it all. When you realize how much you have, it makes those negative thoughts about what may be going wrong in your life disappear. 
  6. Use morning power questions. What’s the first thought that goes through your head when you wake up in the morning? Is it powerful and intentional? Or is it the usual “Oh shi#$, it’s 6 already?!”? If you start your day off with a question like that, your day is immediately in route to being filled with anxiety and stress. Begin asking yourself powerful questions such as “What can I do today to make it super awesome?”, “What do I have to look forward to today?”, “What can I do to make someone that I care about feel loved today?”. Begin the day thinking of how you can have your BEST day and you’re halfway there.

How to Tackle Staying Healthy While Traveling

So many fitness plans come undone once people hit the road.. Let’s be honest, when you’re traveling, dietary habits tend to go out as fast as a kid throwing something out of the car window. There are lures and traps everywhere. Processed foods, fast food, events, you suddenly seem to be able to find “no time” to workout.. But by planning ahead, remaining dedicated to your goals, setting aside a time in each day for a workout, and making good nutritional choices, you can return from your trip still feeling good and still in your daily routine of exercising and eating well. This is a much better situation than the usual coming home to having to undo all of the damage done on your body and dragging your reluctant “fluffy” self back to the gym. Don’t let a few miles stand in the way of you and your fitness goals. Follow my tips & tricks to learn to become a fit traveler!

Pre-game Plan:

  • Do you know where you’re staying? Look up your hotel’s location and look at what restaurants or markets are surrounding it and what amenities the hotel has. If possible, try to strategize your hotel’s location based on proximity to food sources, try to find a hotel that has a gym, request a room with a mini-fridge, and ask the hotel if they provide blenders (surprisingly many do!), if not bring a Magic bullet blender so you can whip up a protein shake!
  • H2O! Hydrate like you’re training for a marathon a few days ahead of time. Otherwise, things tend to slow waay down when you travel, your skin is more likely to dry out, you’ll be more sluggish, and your body will overall function more poorly.

What to Pack:

  • Activated charcoal pills. Ever heard of this stuff? My cousin used to tell me it was the cure to hangovers, and it makes sense why. Activated charcoal is highly absorbent so it helps with digestive upset– I knooow you be drinkin and eatin things you shouldn’t at least some when you travel, so take it!
  • Magnesium pills. Ever noticed that when you travel things tend to “slow down”, and not in a good way? Magnesium helps draw water into the colon making it kinda like a mini detox in that it helps flush your bowels and keeps things moving! Not only this, but Magnesium is also a huge player in bone health, heart function, and maintaining & lowering blood pressure.
  • Compression socks. Ok so they’re not the cutest, but I’d choose comfort over cute when I’m on the road! These help with enhancing blood circulation, releasing tired legs, and minimizing swelling from sitting still for so long on a long flight or long car ride.
  • An empty water bottle–Hotel water is like ballpark water.. Ridiculous prices just because they can. So avoid the cost and bring a bottle that you can fill up at the gym for free!
  • Pack healthy snacks to avoid eating processed crap! Pack things like nuts, Kind Bars, Quest bars, carrots, sliced cucumbers, apples, sliced celery, hard boiled eggs, rolled up turkey & cheese, and protein powder are all some great ideas. This will help you make better choices at the hotel, on the road, and in the airplane (and save you money on avoiding airport food!)

How to Get Your Workout In:

  • Take a workout DVD with you (or use Beachbody on Demand, ballinnn), so that you can workout anywhere!
  • Go for a run outside if you have the time. It helps you get out, work your body, and get to really see the city that you’re in! I did this when I went to Nashville for Beachbody Summit and I got to see all of Vanderbilt, which I would’ve otherwise never seen, and it was so beautiful!
  • Wake up early and get it done! The days seem to get so busy when we travel, both on business and vacation, and the later it gets the more your chances of actually working out typically plumbit. Especially if you are on a trip with others, get up and knock out your workout while everyone else is still sleeping!

Takeaways of traveling like a boss:

  • Customize the menu: When ordering at restaurants, stick to fish, chicken, or steak, veggies, and complex carbs. What if you don’t see anything healthy on the menu? Make a special request like salmon with a side of veggies (If you think this is weird around other people you can pull the food allergy card, they won’t give you crap again). If you’re going to have a little fun, try to stick to red wine or a vodka soda. And if you HAVE to order fast food, opt for something like the grilled chicken sandwich without the bun. It’s all about choices and customizing where you can people.
  • Keep your Habits in Check: So many of us go on a trip and it’s like an absolute free for all.. Eat whatever you want and usually in huge quantities, skip the workout, and if you’re on vacation, drinks are usually bottomless. But what if instead you continued to eat fairly healthy in decent portions and just squeezed in a quick workout a day? Chances are you would feel much better and you would come home still on track. Let me tell ya it sure is nice to come home and not have to deal with the damage done on the body and work on recreating the habit of working out. Stay in the habit so you aren’t taking 2 steps back on your fitness journey every time you travel.
  • Water is your BFF: Stay Hydrated! I can’t stress this enough. Keep a water bottle with you always, think of it as your little sidekick. Drinking water will prevent you from relentlessly snacking, keep your body systems all functioning properly, and overall just keep you feeling your best.
  • Plan Ahead: As I said, pack healthy snacks, because on-the-go options that you can purchase are often not good ones. Look up restaurants or local markets near where you are staying and get some healthy food. Dedicate a time of each day that you are going to do your workout and remain dedicated to doing it. And if you know that you have a big family lunch or a big business dinner one day, strategize to keep your other meals that day on the lighter side so you don’t calorie-bomb your body all day!

Updated 21 Day Fix Foods List

Autumn is on fiyahh!! Right after launching her awesome FIXATE cookbook, she has now expanded the 21 day fix foods list giving you more variety for meal planning and helping to clarify what foods fall into which category. The 21 day fix is designed to help educate you on clean eating options as well as teach you an easy to implement portion-control system, to allow you to create a maintainable, healthy lifestyle!

Click the image below to pull up the full, viewable list!

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 3.44.33 PM

The Fast Lane to Abs: Intermittent Fasting & The 8 Hour Ab Diet

Intermittent fasting. I have been hearing much about this lately, but felt hesitant to really delve into it simply due to the intimidating word–“fasting.” I am a total food lover and I didn’t want anything to do with something that threatened to take that from me! Plus, in the past there has always been a negative connotation thrown at skipping meals to lose weight, because doing so can decrease your metabolism, send your body into starvation mode, and make it cling to all the fat you have stored. However, that only occurs from truly starving yourself. Intermittent fasting is NOT not eating at all, it is simply decreasing the time window that you eat within.

So here’s the deal.. It takes 6-8 hours for your body to go through its glycogen stores (made up of sugar/carbohydrates), and if you’re eating too often you’re not allowing your body the chance to go through those carbohydrate/fat storages. This is a real bad thing, especially today when people have far too much fat stored up and aren’t exercising to enough to burn through it.

How do I do it? There are different methods of intermittent fasting, but the one that I am focusing is the 8 hour diet. You will fast for 16 hours and only eat within an 8 hour window. Sounds intense initially, but really that means you would just contain your eating time between the hours of 11-7 or 9-5, whatever works best for your schedule. This can still be a scary thought for those of us who rise early and tend to wake up ready to inhale everything in sight (like mwua), but just like anything else, waking up like that is simply a habit that you have created and that therefore you can break. Ease into this! Start waking up and eating an hour later each day until you ease your way into waiting a bit before having your first meal. When your feeding time ends, it needs to END. Yes, this includes nibbling.. Even when you nibble until 9 pm, you are not allowing our appetite hormones leptin and ghrelin to go into full effect, so you often don’t hit the point of true hunger or fullness.

Do I eat any less or differently? This is not about cutting calories. You’re not restricting your calories any more in that 8 hour window than you would in a 12 hour window. It doesn’t matter if you’re eating 6 small meals or 3 big meals, it only matters that you are eating the right amount of calories and the right type of foods. Let me be clear here.. Food is FUEL, not FUN (ok but sometimes it’s fun..sometimes!). Focus on eating lean proteins, healthy fats, carbohydrates coming mainly from vegetables and fruits, some dairy, and limit your grain intake.

Help! How do I get through the fasting period? It can be tough initially. But remember, that it is mostly mental habits you’re dealing with and not TRUE hunger. Remember what I said, ease your way into it! Also, you can have coffee, tea, or water during fasting hours. For people who struggle with sticking to a regimen, consider finding an accountability partner join you! It’s sad, but true that it is often easier to let yourself down than it is to let down a partner.

Eating in this way is extremely safe and has actually been shown to help regulate your glucose, control your cholesterol, enhance your energy and help maintain your weight. Plus you can chisel out your abs and enhance that lean body!! My proposition to you is this.. Implement the “8 hours on, 16 hours off” eating schedule for just 2 weeks and see what changes it brings for you!!


Indubitable Fitness “Toned N Twenties” Fitness Challenge Group

Holla at all my 20-somethins! Indubitable Fitness’ “Toned N Twenties” group is going to be an extra exciting fitness challenge group created specifically for just us college, fresh out of college, and/or learning how to be a functional member of the real world people!

I firmly believe in teaching a maintainable healthy lifestyle through proper nutrition, daily exercise habits, and simply learning to love yourself and lead a positive life. So let’s cut the crap of crash diets, starving yourself, pills, and being miserable with cravings and make a change through FITNESS, NUTRITION, & SUPPORT!

My program includes:

  • 30 minute effective workouts specialized for your needs/desires
  • a simple nutrition plan eating REAL foods
  • ME as your COACH
  • 24/7 online accountability, motivation & support system
  • the opportunity to learn clean eating, meal planning, & more!
  • allows for the occasional wine and chocolate (cuz I know I’d go crazy without it!)

This group begins on August 10th, but that is just “preseason” where we will begin to take measurements, make meal pans, etc. so let me know SOON if you are interested and I can still squeeze you in!!

My challenge groups take place in a private Facebook group.  Each day there is a pinned post and assignment.  I ask that my challengers all check in daily.  The more engaged they are with the group, the more success they have. If you are interested in joining us please send me a message at laurenewill@gmail.com, comment below, or fill out this quick application form here.

Looking for New Indubitable Fitness Coaches

Apply to become a part of the Indubitable Fitness coaching team!  I am looking for 3-4 self-motivated people interested in earning an income through online wellness coaching to join my next coaching apprenticeship group.  My next group starts SOON!

Who am I looking for? People who are:

  • self-motivated & driven
  • Enjoy helping and encouraging others
  • Have a passion for fitness (although you don’t have to be an expert- just willing to find out information when asked)
  • familiar with social media (Facebook, Pinterest)
  • Want to work from home and set their own hours

If you feel you meet the criteria above and would like to find out more about our coaching opportunities, fill out the application here. Our next coach training starts soon! We also have a 5 day “Sneak Peek into Coaching” beginning 7/27 if you would like to get a better idea of what coaching is all about. This sneak peek is obligation free. Submit your application and I’ll respond within 24-48 hours.