You are more AWESOME than you know

I truly believe that something great lies inside each and every one of us. For some of us, this awesomeness radiates naturally, for others it is something that we have to work to find. You may have to do some soul searching, but the thing is everyone has something that makes them incredible. Sometimes this greatness can be hidden behind our lack of self-confidence, feeling of worthlessness, anger, unhappiness, or unhealthy state. But I promise you that the greatness is there. One thing we ALL have to constantly work at is improving ourselves and allowing our best self to shine through. Because at the end of the day, you are the most important person in your life and why wouldn’t you want to be as GREAT as you can be?

I don’t say this to seem selfish at all, I love my family, friends, animals, and everyone else to the end of the earth. But if I don’t love and value myself, how is anyone else going to be able to love me? And how will I be able to fully love others?

For me, my realization of self-worth did not come until my transformation to becoming fit and healthy occurred. SO MUCH MORE comes of this transformation than just looking good in a bikini. Fitness shapes your character. It taught me that if you put in the time and effort required in reaching a goal, your results will give you more happiness than anything you could ever imagine. You will be SO PROUD of yourself and you will be MOTIVATED everyday to keep improving and keep LIVING. From the inside out you will be energized and gain the feeling of wellness. It blew the dark cloud off of my head and allowed me to see the light. No matter where you’re at, I PROMISE you that light is there for you and it wants so desperately for you to find it.

Many of us are people pleasers (myself included) and we constantly strive to make everyone around us happy and yes that is incredibly rewarding, but we need to stop giving so much of ourselves to others and start directing some of that to ourselves. If you are not the best person that you can be, how can you be the best person to your family and friends? And if you are not healthy and don’t take care of yourself, you might not be around as long as you would like to be with the people you love, and none of us want that am I right?! So put yourself first. Take care of yourself. Get yourself to a place where you feel confident, happy, postitive, healthy, and you truly love yourself. By doing this, I promise you that you will be able to give others 5x more than you could otherwise. Positive changes inspire positive changes. Exercise your body, work on some personal development (this is key**- check out “You Are a Badass” by Jen Sincero or listen to some “Define Your Life” podcasts with Shaun T), eat right, and spend some time on YOU. Be a beacon of light for those around you. Show your greatness and realize how unique and awesome you are. The world is a beautiful place and you are a beautiful person, so live like it.


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